Meet Our Firm

Our legal team has deep roots in Texas soil and embodies Texas values. We understand that when you come to us with a problem, you (rightfully) expect us to take care of it. But, you’ll know what we’re doing every step of the way because we don’t keep any client in the dark. You’ll understand where we are, where we’re going, and why we’re going that way. These are the folks who will be the ones guiding you:

Dylan Pearcy, Firm Founder

Mr. Pearcy is a seventh-generation Texan and a third-generation Texas attorney. Growing up in Kerrville, Texas, Mr. Pearcy was raised to value family and hard work. By mowing lawns, picking up trash at local churches, hauling hay, herding cattle, cutting down cedar, and working other odd jobs, he learned that nothing comes easy. Indeed, much of Mr. Pearcy’s practice today is guided by his own life experience.

Mr. Pearcy is a graduate of the University of Texas and St. Mary’s Law School. He is a member of the Texas Bar College and prides himself on the long hours he spends staying abreast of the latest changes in the practice of law. As an attorney, Mr. Pearcy has personally helped resolve thousands of cases.

Mr. Pearcy knows from firsthand experience what it’s like to be on the client’s side of the table. He takes lessons learned from his experience receiving legal services to transform the practice of law.

Mr. Pearcy understands he isn’t the right attorney for everyone but knows he just might be the right attorney for you.