Rockport Car Accident Lawyer Protecting the Rights of Victims Hurt in a Car Accident in Texas

Texas is notorious for being one of the ten most dangerous states in the nation regarding car accidents and fatalities. Car accident victims may be entitled to compensation for their damages. Learn what to do to fight for compensation after a car accident and why working with a Rockport car accident attorney is highly recommended.

What Steps Should I Take After a Car Accident?

The first thing you should do immediately after a car accident is to get medical help for yourself or anybody that may have been hurt in the accident. Make sure to report the accident to law enforcement as soon as you can. Take pictures and video of the scene of the accident, preferably before moving the vehicles or altering the crash site in any way.

Capturing the position of the vehicles and the damage each one of them sustained, debris on the road and skid marks, and other relevant information may help you build your claim later on. If possible, obtain a copy of the police report if an officer was sent to the scene. It may also be a good idea to take notes of items such as the contact information of the other driver and their insurance information, and the contact information of any witnesses. Then, soon after the accident, reach out to a Rockport car accident attorney to discuss your case.

Can Evidence From the Crash Site Help Determine Who Was at Fault?

When determining what happened in the moments leading to your crash, investigators may rely heavily on evidence collected at the scene of the accident. For example, if your car was rear-ended by another vehicle, but there are no skid marks on the roadway, that could possibly mean the other vehicle did not attempt to apply its brakes or avoid the collision. Or, if a police officer showed up at the scene of the crash and found that one of the drivers was intoxicated, that information would be included in the police report.

Be aware of the fact that statements from both drivers can also be used as evidence to pinpoint who may have been at fault. This means you should exercise caution when speaking to anyone at the scene of the accident – simply stick to the facts and avoid saying anything that could be misunderstood as an admission of guilt. Even something as innocent as an apology can later be used against you to allege that you were at fault for the accident.

If you were injured as a result of the accident, it is important to obtain copies of all your medical records and exam results so you can properly document how the accident affected you and the economic damages it resulted in. If your car was damaged or totaled, you would also want to obtain a copy of the estimates to repair or replace your vehicle.

Can I Still Get Compensation if I Am Partially at Fault for the Accident?

Many clients worry that they will not be able to receive any payment for their damages because they were partially responsible for what happened. Fortunately, that is not always true. Texas applies a version of the comparative negligence rule to determine whether an accident victim may receive compensation.

In practical terms, this rule subtracts a percentage from the total compensation amount you would be eligible to receive. The percentage subtracted corresponds to your level of responsibility for the accident. If it is determined that you were 20% responsible for your accident, for example, you may still receive a settlement award minus 20%. However, a victim cannot be 51% or more at fault for the accident – in Texas, the defendant’s negligence needs to be more than the plaintiff’s negligence. Whenever that is not true, the plaintiff (the victim) may be barred from receiving any compensation.

If you believe you were partially at fault for the accident, working with a skilled Rockville car accident attorney is extremely important. Your attorney can help you minimize your liability percentage and help you get the compensation you deserve.

Why Should I See a Rockport Car Accident Lawyer for My Case?

What many car accident victims may not realize is that a car accident claim can quickly turn into a red-tape nightmare. Trying to heal from your injuries while figuring out what forms to file and what to say to the insurance adjusters who just won’t stop calling is overwhelming. Filing a car accident claim should be a smooth process in theory, but it, unfortunately, does not always work out that way. This is when a skilled Rockport car accident attorney can step in and make a big difference.

Attorney S. Dylan Pearcy and his legal team at the Law Offices of S. Dylan Pearcy have helped countless Rockport car accident victims fight for their rights and receive the compensation they deserve. When you choose to work with our firm, you can rest assured our team will take over every aspect of your case on your behalf, so you can focus on healing and moving on with your life. Our firm is focused on providing high-quality legal representation and guidance to every client. There is no need to try and fight back on your own. If you were injured in an accident caused by a negligent driver, contact our Rockport office at (361) 203-7097 to request a no-commitment initial consultation and learn your options.