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Divorce Negotiations That Put You in the Driver’s Seat

Instead of shouting matches in court, there’s a much better way to go through a divorce — with the help of a neutral third party dedicated to helping you resolve your differences. It’s called mediation, and some counties in Texas even require divorcing couples to try it before going to trial. 

How Mediation Works

The purpose of mediation is to allow spouses to come to a divorce settlement themselves through guided discussions with a mediator. A mediator doesn’t take sides but they do identify possible solutions to major disagreements to help sparring spouses come up with a settlement they can live with. If your case is particularly contentious, you and your spouse might need multiple sessions to come to an agreement. 

Using mediation is preferable to litigation in many ways: 

  • Mediation typically takes less time than a contested divorce. 
  • Mediation usually costs less. 
  • Using a mediator allows you and your spouse to control the divorce settlement rather than handing it off to a judge who doesn’t know your unique family situation. 
  • Mediators are skilled at cooling tensions between spouses. 
  • Your children might be better protected from the stress of divorce. 

While you don’t have to solely rely on the legal system to take care of your divorce in mediation, it’s still smart to have a lawyer during a mediated divorce. Mediators are great but they don’t advocate for you or provide legal advice. Without a lawyer, you could lock yourself into a mediated agreement that looks good but is actually contrary to what you need and deserve. 

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