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Making the Necessary Break From Your Spouse

Plenty of marriages end in divorce. Divorce or death, those are simply the only ways a marriage ends. If your marriage is headed toward a split, the best thing to do is contact a family law attorney to get your divorce done the right way. 

What Does Your Final Divorce Decree Need to Address?

In short, you have to settle everything in a divorce. That includes: 

  • Child support and conservatorship (what many people refer to as “custody”)
  • Property division
  • Debts and liabilities division
  • Spousal maintenance (alimony)

The process may be simpler for those who agree on the need for divorce, have no shared children, and aren’t fighting over property. Even then, it’s essential to have an attorney there to navigate you through the process. If you are the one initiating the divorce, you need to file a petition for divorce. If you were served with a petition for divorce, you need to act quickly to file an answer and respond. Gathering important financial documents is also crucial. 

Please understand, every divorce is different. Yours will be much different than your friend’s or the one you heard about on social media. An attorney who knows your situation and who will go to great lengths to protect your rights and interests is incredibly important. Reach out to us and we’ll talk about meeting your legal needs.