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Alimony & Maintenance

Financial Support for Ex-Spouses Who Need It

If you’re the breadwinner of your household, you’re probably worried about having to pay an obscene amount of alimony to your ex-spouse every month once the divorce is over. If you’re not the breadwinner, you might be worried about not getting enough alimony to survive while you find a job.

The truth is that Texas courts do not order alimony in a divorce unless there’s a good reason. Alimony, or “maintenance,” as it is called in Texas, is generally meant to help ex-spouses while they become self-sufficient. You or your ex could get maintenance for: 

  • Temporary financial assistance during the divorce
  • Five years 
  • Seven years
  • Ten years
  • As long as certain conditions, like a mental or physical disability, exist

Judges usually seek to order maintenance for the shortest period of time necessary. Maintenance orders in Texas are also capped at 20 percent of one’s average monthly gross income or $5,000 — whichever is less. 

If you and your spouse cannot agree on a maintenance order, be aware that the court will look at many factors to determine the necessary amount and duration. Having a quality attorney to help guide you during your divorce proceedings can make sure that you don’t have to pay an unfair amount nor receive less than you deserve. We’d be more than happy to help you in this situation.