When you’ve been working with divorcing couples long enough, you hear everything. It seems that everyone you know is an expert in divorce, and they all want to gift their wisdom to any couple who has just decided to call it quits. We’ve seen people come in with horrible anxiety over issues they were told about that were not even real. To try and set the record straight, here are 5 myths about divorce in Texas – and the truth behind them:

Everything is Bigger in Texas – Even the Divorces

There is a myth that divorce is often a brutal, knock-down, drag-out battle between two warring ex-spouses, especially when children are involved. This is just false. Most divorcing parents are just regular people who both want the same thing: the best outcome for their children. In fact, many divorces are uncontested or solved in mediation before anyone even steps foot in a courtroom. You don’t have to like your ex-spouse, but you can divorce them without going to war.

It’s Better To Stay Together For the Kids

There is a common myth that a parent’s divorce is hugely damaging to children’s emotional landscape and that parents should always stay together until the kids are out of the house before getting divorced. Scientific studies have shown that this is untrue. In fact, couples staying together while arguing and resenting each other is far more damaging for children in their understanding of what marriage is. Getting to live in two houses isn’t so bad, and teaching children about divorce will teach them about personal responsibility.

Mothers Always Get Child Custody

Maybe this was true sixty years ago, but it isn’t anymore. There is no real gender-based bias in terms of who gets fair consideration at having custody of their children. If a father in a different-sex marriage wants custody of his children, he should fight for them! The mother doesn’t have to be a dangerous absentee for the father to have a shot. The Judge will award primary custody to whichever parent presents the better ability to care for their children, but both parents will always be able to regularly see their children either way.

Divorce is a Personal Failure

It’s not. Divorce is as common as marriage. It’s a normal, everyday process where two people decide it’s better to call it quits and move forward with their lives than trying to make something work that isn’t meant to be. There should not be any failure or shame attached to it.

You Can’t Find a Good Divorce Lawyer in Texas

Well, this one is just plain untrue! If you’re looking for a Texas lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the family law divorce process and genuinely cares about the wellbeing of your family, contact the Law Offices of S. Dylan Pearcy today! We get results for those who need a hand up.